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Take a moment, breathe, reflect and nurture your OneBodi.
  ​                                                                                    – Esma Hubanic

Our Story

Wellness, Health and Skin Care have always been a long-term passion for me. It might sound like a cliché, but I truly live for finding that balance in having a healthy mind, body and soul. 

As it turns out, I’ve discovered you can’t escape your passion, it follows you, constantly calling you to pay it attention, and my passion has been calling for me from a young age. 

The History

Picture this – A young girl, around 10, growing up in the regional city of Albury. She is carefully collecting petals from her parent’s spectacular rose bushes. Grabbing a bucket from the shed, she uses a large wooden spoon to mix the rose petals with flour and water from the garden hose.

Whilst other children were out bike riding, at the park or the river, I was in my back yard making my own natural moisturizer. This was my playground. I was in my element. At such a young age I had found what my purpose and drive was. With a strong sense of determination and curiosity I began my journey in the Health, Wellness and Skin Care Industry. 

Seeing how this has benefitted myself, my family and clients, I knew I had found something that will benefit others, something I wanted to share…

Esma Hubanic   / Owner

After completing a Diploma in Health Science, I made the move to Melbourne. Here I continued to pursue my career and passion for all things Wellness. I had the great fortune to work along-side some of the best Skin Therapists in Australia. Whilst assisting clients repair damage to their skin caused by years of poor skin care, I saw how different vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the skin, that combinations of ingredients can result in contrasting positive results. I grew to understand what ingredients are beneficial and what can be harmful. 

My career progressed into Business Management for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. I observed the journey clients take as they undertook surgery. The preparation, the procedure and the recovery would all take their toll on the patient’s mental and physical health.

I observed many clients found it difficult to relax and recover, to allow themselves time out to sleep and recuperate following surgery. I was curious, were there any key products that could assist my clients with this? Products that would aid them to take a moment, breathe, reflect and nurture their body?

With the onset of a chronic injury and my mother developing arthritis, I was determined to find a natural and organic way to relieve pain, I began looking at the benefits of magnesium and different natural oils.  I was able to apply and test the benefits on my husband. As a footballer in the National Premier League (Victoria) and a busy Fitness Coach, he needed to swiftly recover from each gruelling soccer match to be ready to train his clients first thing Monday morning. 

Whist the traditional ice bath helped to a point; his muscles would still be sore which affected his sleep and energy. I encouraged him to try magnesium and natural oils, experimenting with how much and where to apply. Soon he found his recovery time sped up, which lead to better sleeping patterns, enabling him to be refreshed and energised for his clients, even at 5am in the morning!

In 2016 my husband and I opened our first Fitness Studio. I again saw first-hand how fitness and wellness are truly connected. How sleep, relaxation and the importance of recovery plays an important part of a physical exercise regime. Witnessing how this leads to reducing pain, both chronic and acute, resulting in a more natural, healthy and stress-free life.  

Nature itself provides all the necessary minerals, extracts and vitamins we require to live in a high wellness state, therefore I pride myself on the fact that OneBodi’s products are all naturally derived and consist of the highest of ingredients. Seeing how this has benefitted myself, my family and clients, I knew I had found something that will benefit others, something I wanted to share, something that leads to wellness.

Life is series of lessons, and thanks to the curiosity of that young girl making moisturizer in her parent’s garden, I have been on a passionate path of learning and education on what works in terms of our wellness, our heath and our skin care. This knowledge and experience have all come together the OneBodi products available today. I am grateful I have the opportunity to share what I have discovered with you. 

Premium quality

Only the best ingredients are sourced and combined to create a high quality product.

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Made with love, for you, by a real person.

Natural Ingredients

Crafted with all natural ingredients that are safe and beneficial.